NSSN 2018: Brynn Elliott Has a Tip for a Smart, Cost-Effective Christmas

Plus: "Might Not Like Me" and...what's a Nerdy Girl Sunday, anyway?

December 17, 2018

Have you ever heard of a gift giving rotation? Well, let Brynn Elliott educate you!

In addition to being insanely talented, the Harvard-educated songstress talked to Heather Collins about her family's odd, yet strangely brilliant holiday tradition after her sizzling set at Not So Silent Night 2018.

Brynn also gave some deep background on her breakout hit song "Might Not Like Me" as well as her Nerdy Girl Sunday social media efforts. 

And yes, she's every bit as cool and fun as she seems!  Check out the complete video -- as was as all our other NSSN 2018 interviews -- now.