Bite of Las Vegas 2019: Rob Thomas on Smooth's 20th, New Matchbox 20 Tour, Album

Rob dishes on Santana...and big 2020 (and 2021) Matchbox 20 plans!

September 16, 2019

As if a headlining set by Rob Thomas wasn't enough to make Bite of Las Vegas 2019 a must-see event, a surprise encore appearance from guitar god Carlos Santana as the pair tore through a savage rendition of their iconic smash "Smooth" was a monster moment in itself.

Before his historic Bite set, Rob sat down to talk with Heather Collins about the song's 20th anniversary, including its inauspicious origins and the resulting 20-year friendship with the legendary rocker.

"It took on its own personality," Rob said of "Smooth."  "It was one of the last songs on the record (Santana's 1999 album 'Supernatural').  I just thought this was going to be the bastard pop song of the record. I really didn't expect anything out of it -- and I don't think Carlos did either actually at first. It wasn't until we got in the room and recorded it until we kinda felt like it was something special."

Of course, no conversation with Rob would be complete without checking in on the status of his "day job" with Matchbox 20. And not only does the band have a killer 2020 summer tour planned, but Rob gives us a peek behind the curtain on what that means for a possible 2021 new Matchbox 20 album.

Watch the complete interview with Rob -- and make sure to check out all the Bite of Las Vegas 2019 coverage. 

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