What Should You Get Him For Valentine's Day?

February 13, 2020
V Day

Ladies, Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you're anything like me you are procrastinating getting something for your honey for V-Day.

Here are some ideas my guy friends, and co-workers gave me.....Enjoy! 


1. A Steak ... men love a great meal. Surprise him and pay for Valentine's Day dinner! Not everything is about us ladies. 


2. A Golf Package.... treat your man with a round of golf. Men love golf, I don't get it but do it! 


3. Whisky....men love a great bottle of whiskey to add hair to their chest. 


4. Jewelry.....they want to look fablous too! (Go see my friends at Sky Diamonds in Town Square to get hooked up!) 


5. A Home Made Treat....nothing says "I Love You" like slaving in the kitchen for your boo boo. 


6. XXX... enough said!


I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!