Whitney Cummings Wants to Bring Back ‘Three Amigos

Cummings appears Saturday, May 17 at the Orleans Showroom

May 13, 2019
Whitney Cummings

After successfully rebooting Roseanne, actress, comedienne, and author Whitney Cummings is on the lookout for another classic comedy to refresh.Three Amigos is at the top of her list.

“Truly, hands down my favorite movie, I know it verbatim,” Cummings said during an appearance on Mix 94.1’s Mercedes in the Morning. “Once the Roseanne reboot happened I was very much thinking, ‘What are the movies I would want to reboot?’ “Desperately Seeking Susan is one that I wanted to do, and Three Amigos is one.”

Unfortunately, Cummings adds, the legal hurdles involved in remaking the 1986 John Landis comedy are standing in the way of her dream, although she found a pitch from Mercedes in the Morning co-host JC Fernandez to be quite intriguing. “My movie would be called the Three Amigas and would revolve around the fact that [villain] El Guapo’s son wants to avenge his father’s death,” Fernandez explained. “So he kidnaps Chevy Chase’s character, Dusty Bottoms, and Dusty’s daughters have to come save [him]. “But they don’t realize that they’re related, he has three daughters from three different women.”

Fernandez, acting as casting director, would like to see his co-host and Cummings as two of the daughters, with the third yet to be determined. “[The pitch is] pretty bulletproof, I’m into it only if we’re allowed to do a rendition of ‘My Little Buttercup,’” she said. “I might do that at my Vegas show, maybe that’ll be my opening number now.” Cummings is appearing Saturday, May 17 at Orleans Showroom. Tickets to the show can be purchased via the Orleans website.