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Mark McGrath Talks Mistaken Identity, Apologizes to Ethan Hawke

Find out what happen to McGrath during an airport encounter

June 28, 2019

As a three time Rock ‘n’ Roll Jeopardy champion, groundbreaking musician, renowned television host, and, arguably, one the greatest showmen of his generation, Mark McGrath has carved out a nice little niche in entertainment history.

Yet, despite reaching a level of celebrity that few artists enjoy, he still finds himself the victim of mistaken identity. 

During an appearance on Mix 94.1’s Mercedes in the Morning, the Sugar Ray front man was asked about his most frequent celebrity doppelganger, Boyhood and Training Day star Ethan Hawke.

“[Mistaken identity] happens a lot when he has a new movie released,” McGrath said, while running off a list of the actor’s accolades. “He gets compared to the highlighted guy from Sugar Ray.”

McGrath then recounted a story in which a Transportation Security Administration official once refused to accept that he wasn’t Hawke during an airport encounter.

“He started getting really angry with me and so I ended up having to sign an autograph as Ethan Hawke,” he said, laughing. 

McGrath added that Hawke is aware of the comparisons. 

“I don’t think he’s too amused by the whole thing, so my apologies to Ethan Hawke,” he said.

McGrath, who recently appeared on Celebrity Big Brother 2 and hosts Mark McGrath’s 120 Sirius XM’s ‘90s on 9 channel, will join his Sugar Ray bandmates when they make their triumphant return to Las Vegas on Saturday, June 29.

The free concert on the 1st Street Stage at the Fremont Street Experience marks the band’s second swing through Las Vegas this year (Sugar Ray played South Point in February) and their first since dropping a new single, “Highest Tree.”

McGrath is also scheduled to bring his solo show to Flamingo Las Vegas’ GO Pool on Saturday, July 20. Tickets to the GO Pool “Daybeats” performance can be purchased via the resort’s website