Golden Knights Announcers Do a ‘Mercedes in the Morning’ Play-By-Play

Vegas Golden Knights are trying to give Las Vegans their hockey fix

March 24, 2020

With the National Hockey League season on hold, the voices of the Vegas Golden Knights are trying to give Las Vegans their hockey fix, any way they can.

Shane Hnidy and Dave Goucher made an appearance on Mix 94.1’s “Mercedes in the Morning” on March 23, offering up their own version of a play-by-play, imagining hosts Mercedes Martinez and JC Fernandez taking a trip to the store.

Dave Goucher: Mercedes and JC in a Mercedes, appropriately so, sitting at a red light, blasting 94.1, as you’d imagine. Left, right left, securely into a parking spot and right through the front door of Albertsons with coupons in hand.

Shane Hnidy: Mercedes, much more form in her parking, she’s able to get there properly. JC was on the horn, angry, already agitated this early, to get into his parking spot. People in his way, he’s got a little bit more of a fiery attitude today Dave.

Dave Goucher: No toilet paper to be had as you might imagine Shane, but there are plenty of alcoholic beverages, and thankfully for all of us concerned, they’re stocking up on those, no surprise. 

Shane Hnidy: This is where JC steps up, he doesn’t need the toilet paper he goes straight to the towel section, he’s gonna rip them into long pieces and make sure he can reuse.

Dave Goucher: Mercedes on the other hand goes straight to the booze.

Shane Hnidy: And you know why Dave? That is the appropriate place for anybody with kids to go.

In addition to providing play-by-play, Hnidy and Goucher are keeping busy during the hiatus. The two are recording podcasts for Golden Knights fans and engaging with the team’s social media fanbase.

“You get creative in these times,” Hnidy says. “I think you have to because everybody’s looking for some source of entertainment.”