What's Trending: "Lady Gaga Announces New Music"

Coronavirus, Exercise, Lady Gaga, Krispy Kreme

February 26, 2020

What’s Trending: Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

  • #Coronavirus
    • Report: 2020 Olympics could be canceled over Coronavirus outbreak, officials say.
    • No decision has been made yet.
    • They say postponing or moving the games to another country is probably out of the question.
    • 80,000 people are reportedly infected with the virus and 2600 people have died.
    • They’re worried that a massive international gathering like the Olympics could accelerate the spread.
    • Official are urging athletes to continue training as usual because the current plan is to have the games in Tokyo as scheduled.
  • #Exercise
    • Study: Happiness and exercise are linked.
    • People that are active and exercise are considerably more happy than those who don’t, even if they have less money.
    • They found that less active people would have to earn approximately $25,000 more just to be as happy as someone who is consistently more active.
    • And those who are active report 35 poor mental health days per year while those with more sedentary lifestyles experience 53 of those down days.
  • #LadyGaga
    • She’s announced a new single ahead of her new album.
    • She posted on Twitter yesterday that the song called “Stupid Love” will be released Friday at midnight ET (9pm Thursday for us.)
    • While the name of her 6th album has not yet been announced, the teaser image for “Stupid Love” references the word “Chromatica,” which fans speculate is the name of the release.
  • #KrispyKreme
    • They are launching national doughnut delivery starting Saturday.
    • Starting on Leap Day, the chain’s fresh doughnuts can be delivered to households across the nation but there is a catch.
    • You have to be near one of the locations and in most cases for delivery, be within 10 miles from a shop.
    • Orders can be placed on the Krispy Kreme app or website and pickup is available without the $4.99 delivery fee.