Mercedes: Here's What You Missed; 8/2/18

August 2, 2018

Today was a CIRCUS! On the show this morning we started using a brand new system to play music, talked to Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco and found out who admitted to hating Mercedes…

  • This was the first day we started using a brand new operating system… JC runs the board and has used the SAME system for 20+ years! Can you teach an old dog new tricks? OF COURSE you can! It just takes time…. and patience. (Just kidding JC, you’re not old or a dog.) But, we managed to make it to the end of the show! Thanks to the “boss man” Adam, as he was referred to throughout the day, who helped us out all morning!
  • Local Boy Brendon Urie joined the show this morning to catch up with Mercedes and JC before the band plays T Mobile Arena on the 18th. They talked about his old job at Tropical Smoothie Café (can you imagine BRENDON URIE doing that?!) and some awesome performances. He also shared a DISGUSTING detail about one of the band’s last shows in Vegas. He was recovering from STREP THROAT and after coughing INTO his hand, a fan licked it.. Maybe she wanted to contract his virus? Who knows..
  • And last but not least, we found out who admits to hating Mercedes… Of course all in jest (as JC would say). Or was it? Mercedes says she only goes to church on Easter and Christmas, to which a friend of hers replied “I hate people like you…” We also found out there’s a NAME for people like Mercedes—Chreasters. Hey, at least she’s trying! Say Amen! (Panic! At the Disco Pun)

Listen tomorrow to make sure we’re still on the air and catch up on our podcast here…