Producer's Notes 10/22/18

Being Chastised and Talks with Yourself

October 22, 2018

Today on the show we heard about Mercedes being chastised by a stranger and JC's new annoying habit. 

Over the weekend Mercedes says she was upset about how she was chastised while grabbing some Starbz over the weekend. Someone who'd fallen on hard times asked for some spare change while her and her daughter were walking in to get coffee and she told him she didn't have any. She paid on the app and walked out and immediately the guy became upset saying "I thought you didn't have any money! You'd rather pay for overpriced coffee than spare some money to help your fellow man out?!" She didn't need to feel bad about it. If you don't have any you don't have any, but she said it really bothered her. JC then said he spared a good $5 because 1) he was worried the person asking for money was Jesus and may be judging him on whether or not he'd help someone and 2) he supported the person's "hustle" which was selling their CD. Mercedes wanted him to play it to see if he got his $5 worth but he said it wasn't safe to air. Ha ha! 

Then JC revealed he has developed a weird and annoying habit-- he talks to himself out loud. Mercedes says she does too, but it was cute. She said every morning she walks out of the house and says "Thank you God for waking me up another day and for all of the things I have in life." Yeah, no one is around so I guess it counts as "to herself" but really she's technically talkin' to God. Good positive way to start the day (especially when it's 4am and dark and you don't really want to get out a warm comfy bed, but you're still grateful.) Then JC gave an example of how HE talks out loud... At the grocery he sings songs to himself about finding the bread and Kombucha. Then he said he sings about coffee time and how excited he is about coffee time and Mercedes had to stop him in his tracks and let him know not even normal people with others around them sing about coffee like that. (horribly off key. HAHA! jk, again.) Mercedes also likes to sing songs, but replace words in Drake's "In My Feelings" when he asks Kiki if she loves him. "Tomatoes, do ya love me?" (No they don't, because she hates Tomatoes. Just couldn't think of a better fruit/vegetable at the moment.) 


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