Producer's Notes 10/23/18

Breaking the Law, BFF's and a Strange Blast from the Past

October 23, 2018

Today on the show we talked about JC breaking the law, Mercedes' new BFF and a really strange blast from the past.

JC really wants to take on this "bad boy persona". He once felt like a rebel for parking somewhere downtown and not paying... but it was a day that parking was free. It just doesn't seem to work out for him. Can't be bad... UNTIL he did this. While taking his plates off to change his registration/tags he got distracted and ended up walking away for a while. He later decided to go and run some errands and it was too late when he realized he was DRIVING WITHOUT PLATES! First of all, JC why did you have to take the entire license plate off to put on a stinkin' sticker? That lead to the question as to whether you leave the previous sticker on under the new one or take it off. Mercedes says she used to leave them because it made her feel like everyone could see how much of a law abiding citizen she was that contributed to the economy and taxes and such. Makes sense! Neither of them heard about the "trick" or "hack" Jocelyn's parents do. Is it a thing? Do other people slice lines through their new stickers so that people can't peel them off and use them for themselves? No? Oh... 

Lea Michele joined the show early in the day to talk about the LMDC Tour with Darren Criss coming to town this weekend. Mercedes was a big fan of Glee so you could hear the excitement in her voice. But she was more excited when Lea told her about her experience at the premiere of A Star Is Born (we got an exclusive on her dress-- she had a malfunction 5 minutes before leaving for the red carpet so he chose the one she was wearing last minute.) She also said she watched the movie twice and would love to be able to perform "Shallow" with Darren while they're in town/on the road. And THEN she told Mercedes she loves to do spin! (Cycling classes.) Mercedes even offered to reserve 2 bikes for the both of them to get down when she gets in town. She then said Darren is ALSO a fan. So Mercedes pretty much solidified their relationship-- their BFF's now. All it took was spin. 

And last but not least we talked about Mercedes' theory about people in Las Vegas-- we're all only 2 degrees of separation from each other. When she and JC challenged listeners to prove her theory true, we got an interesting call that was a blast from the past for JC. A listener knew JC when they went to UNLV together. She was in a sorority and he was a Delta Chi. Or still is... Idk how the Greek stuff works. Anywho, she says he used to go over to some twins' apartment where she also lived (roommates) and he used to sing this weird little song and play a game. Something about a Ricky Chicky Bear? Listen to the podcast to hear it all. Hilarious and strange. She also told Mercedes to take down her number so she could give more blast from the past down low info on JC in college. 

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