Producer's Notes 10/29/18

The fear of running and hurt below the belt

October 29, 2018

Today on the show we heard about someone being afraid of running in public and who hurt themselves below the belt in the weirdest way.

Mercedes usually goes to spin over the weekend, but it's been pretty busy and she's still in the middle of choosing her new "place" since the one she used to go to closed down. To make up for it, she said she considered doing the ONE thing she hates doing in public. JC prodded for a while to get her to confess what the reason was. Turns out, when she was in middle school she wanted to run track with her friends. When she got the chance to step up, she was running right next to her then crush and she completely embarrassed herself in front of him. She tried to jump a hurdle and fell flat on her face. Everyone laughed, but at least her crush asked her if she was okay! She's been scarred ever since and now dreads the thought of running in public. 

It just seemed to be a really interesting day for Mercedes today, as the other stand out moment was when we talked about how we've hurt ourselves "down there". We've heard how JC has had accidental injuries while spending some time alone, but to hear from Mercedes was a change. She says since she's been trying out new spin places, they all have different bikes. The bikes she rode this weekend had a funny shaped seat so when she came down she kinda... yeah you get the picture. Yes guys, we understand we don't have the same plumbing but it DEFINITELY hurts to get in that area for ladies as well. 

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