Producer's Notes 10/30/18

Side of the road treasures, valuable yet unused relationship advice and celebrity facetime calls

October 30, 2018

Today on the show we heard about a treasure on the side of the road and some helpful relationship advice that neither Mercedes or JC follows.

Do you ever see something on the side of the road and wonder how it got there? Have you ever seen something nice that made you consider (even for a split second) pulling over to pick it up? JC did! While driving on the 215 he saw a VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS FOOSEBALL TABLE! It had to be custom made and a major loss for whoever ended up dropping it. But JC said this was the first time he's ever actually considered getting out of the car to take it home. Can you imagine JC trying to load this thing, let alone onto the Mustang?! Ha ha! Mercedes says she always wonders about tools and ladders and if people just don't care or if they just can't stop because they're on the freeway. One poor listener JUST had to dodge a ladder while listening and calling into the show. 

JC also mentioned some great relationship advice he read an entire thread on reddit for. There were some stand out pieces like "It's not the big things that end a relationship, it's the little things" and "It should never be me vs you, it should be us vs the problem." But one piece of advice that was given Mercedes and JC say they don't always abide by. "Don't Go to Bed Mad" is sometimes easier said than done. Mercedes said she goes to bed mad all the time. JC said "but God forbid you're upset and your spouse passes away." Of course you'd be sad about that. You never got to make up. But Mercedes made an interesting twist on that thought. It would suck if your spouse passed, but it would REALLY suck if you passed and were mad because you passed mad... with an angry scrunched up face. Not funny, but funny. Don't go to bed mad folks.

Last but not least Mercedes dared JC to facetime Dan Reynolds to ask him where the "exclusive album release listening party" was going to be. JC was too chicken, as usual. Mercedes and Jocelyn both offered to hit the call button but once JC actually did it, the call couldn't be completed. He then tried Dana White and that was a fail too. What an adrenaline rush. Ha ha! 

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