Producer's Notes 10/31/18

Costumes at work, Something in the air and life lessons from Miley Cyrus

October 31, 2018

Today on the show we talked about Halloween, Halloween and more Halloween PLUS the weird day Mercedes and JC had and life advice from Miley Cyrus.

It's Halloween so of course people are feeling festive. Mercedes, JC and Jen didn't wear a costume and Jocelyn only half committed by wearing a skeleton on her top half. But there were a few people in our sales department wearing costumes. Which is totally fine, but it then raised the question-- what professions probably shouldn't wear costumes to work? We're just a bunch of dopes that sit behind a microphone so for us it doesn't really matter what we wear. But could you imagine a lawyer trying to defend your honor and keep you out of jail, dressed as a banana? Or someone giving a sales pitch as a sexy cat? Maybe that would work, who knows. Anyway, to each their own. We just aren't as spirited on Halloween as others. 

Yesterday Mercedes and JC both had a really strange day. First off, JC said someone asked him if he was from the UK. And if you know JC you know that he can't do impressions for jack squat. Love the guy to death, but even he admits he can't do a good impression or accent. So it was quite interesting to hear that not only did this person ask JC if he was from the UK once, but he mentioned a week before the same guy said the SAME thing! (Back story, it was a homeless man and JC gave him a couple extra bucks because he thinks every homeless person is Jesus in disguise waiting to make judgement on JC.) For Mercedes, she was surprised to see she was followed on Instagram by RUDY! Rudy Ruettiger in the flesh followed Mercedes. She's not sure what caused it, but it was really him and she was very excited. Apparently he lives in Las Vegas and listens to the show! 

And last but not least we learned some life advice from Miley Cyrus... or Hannah Montana rather. JC had no idea that when Mercedes said "Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days" that it wasn't a Mercedes original. He was so blown away by her rhyme and overall life lesson that he was, not exactly disappointed, but couldn't believe it came from a Miley Cyrus song. He told Mercedes to tweet it out and see how many people thought it was a Mercedes original and would retweet it. A few people did and a lot of people called her out on it being a Hannah Montana lyric. Either way, good words to live by.


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