Producer's Notes 10/8/19

October 8, 2019

Today on the show-- HALF of the show got free coffee and Mercedes read JC's complaint letter to Pratt Daddy Crystals.

Fairly early this morning, a co-worker and friend of the show came to visit the studio on their way to work... They came bearing gifts-- STARBUCKS, but... only for two people. It sort of threw Mercedes and JC off because, they were the two that did NOT get Starbucks. So much so that every story in the daily dirt ended up going back to the fact that they didn't get coffee... lol. The backstory is the co-worker said they wanted to do something really nice for the morning show producers in the building (yes, there is actually a building full of us...) It was very nice-- if you were a Producer. YAY #STEPHELYN! Steph enjoyed a nice white mocha with no whip and I of course had to go with the Heather Collins special-- a pumpkin cream cold brew. (If you don't know, Heather Collins is the dj that comes on right after our show is done-- Middays from 10am-2pm. She is Halloween and PUMPKIN OBSESSED.) 

Later Mercedes and JC started talking about writing letters to a company about a product. Mercedes says she was un-able to write a letter and had to CALL the company that makes the pantyhose she wears because "the quality isn't as good as it was before." (She wore some on the TV show yesterday and they got a HUGE run in them with little to no effort on her part. No jagged toe nail, no rough heel because she gets pedicures and her fingernails didn't do it either because she always just gets gel polish.) This is not the FIRST time she's written/called a company. She wrote Bath & Body Works years ago because they discontinued her favorite Grapefruit lotion. Sidebar-- we found a new one last year and she ordered 22 bottles of it in fear that they would discontinue THIS ONE but it wasn't the same... Anyway, JC ALSO wrote a letter to a company. His wife Laura is really into crystals and bought some from Spencer Pratt on The Hills (not a fan, personally because I used to watch the show but hey... maybe his crystals are cool and he's grown up?) She got a necklace and two bracelets. For some reason the bracelets had some kind of a negative energy that had an effect on not only JC's wife but also Mercedes, Steph and Mercedes' daughter when JC had them try it on and re-gifted them. So he sent the crystals back. He didn't have a receipt or anything, but he attached a nice note that Mercedes volunteered to read out loud. Apparently it sounded a lot better in his head because a whole bunch of words were missing. It was like spurts of information. "energy not good" "had friends try." Please go listen to the podcast. It was a lot funnier than I can explain in a freakin Producer's Notes. 

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