Producer's Notes 10/9/18

October 9, 2018

Today on the show we heard about a scandal and Mercedes' past and JC's plan to get kids vaccinated. 

Early this morning Mercedes had everyone on the edge of their seat when she mentioned a scandal so juicy that we didn't have time to talk about it when it was first brought up. We have to take breaks at specific times and this story would have gone ON because it was just so good. Or bad rather. While reading around online she found a blog post of a woman who admitted something rather "scandalous" (really not as scandalous after the phone calls we got but I'll get to that in a second.) The woman admitted to having pitty sex with her father in law after her mother in law passed away. She'd been married to her husband for 5 years and she instantly regretted it. That lead to Mercedes asking listeners if they had ever been with more than 1 person in the same family. To each their own, things work out differently for everyone. But Mercedes revealed a little something from her past! When she was younger she dated BROTHERS! 2 brothers! She admits she only dated the second brother to make the first one jealous, but still! You learn something new everyday! 

JC said during the pre-show that he thinks he's coming down with something. He's coming down with a fever. Mercedes then started talking about flu shots and she revealed you can't take kids to certain places to get their flu shots. JC says some strange things often, but this was pretty out there. This guy and his business ideas! He said he'd like to create JC's Ambush Flu Shot service to give kids who don't like getting shots their flu shots when they least expect it. That way the parents are happy and kids don't have the chance to freak out or throw a fit about getting shots! He said parents can give him a location of where their kid will be, he'll run up when they're not paying attention, give them the shot and say "You've been flu shotted!" before running away. Mercedes says parents, herself included, wouldn't be too fond of a strange man running at their kids with a needle so... yeah. Tough luck JC. Just stick to radio buddy. 

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