Producer's Notes 12/3/18

A bunch of "Hoopla!" Overpriced H2O and the mind of a Killer

December 3, 2018

Today on the show we heard about a new idea our company wants to recognize employees, the thing Mercedes and JC's wife overpay for, the TV show JC says is the reason he's here today and what scary thing Mercedes says she's learned from the show she's watched...

Some companies are really good about recognizing their employees for the good that they do. Last week Mercedes had a conversation with a coworker of ours that said Entercom is going to start something new to recognize the things its employees have accomplished-- The "Hoopla Wall"! When a (sales) person does something great, monitors in our building will light up with their picture and some fun facts about them, but the best part is... a song that the employee chooses will blare from the speakers! We're sad it's only for sales people at this point, but of course we had to talk about what WE would want to play. Mercedes went with her fav Ice Cube and JC chose something random... but very JC-esque. "I'm So Excited" by The Pointer Sisters. Does anyone else think of that episode of "Saved by the Bell" when they hear that? Anyway... We also tried to figure out what people can be recognized for as radio hosts/dj's versus being a sales person. Kind of like superlative awards? If I had to award Mercedes and JC for things they do well it would probably be "being a great sport and laughing if he messes up on the board" and "helping the most people win prizes with Heads Up".

We also got into a conversation about the things you know you OVERpay for but continue to do it because it's worth it. Mercedes mentioned her lotions and potions she uses for her skincare routine, JC agrees, as he too buys lotions and potions. In fact, he uses the same serum as Carrot Top! And then it came to this... Mercedes and JC's wife Laura will both pay big(ger) bucks for ALKALINE WATER! JC insists that you can't taste the difference. He said he once made his wife taste multiple different waters just to prove his point. (Says the guy who only dinks Dasani and if he's feeling really fancy, LIFE WTR. Also he says all skittles taste the same.) Mercedes says she can taste the difference... She also says Arrowhead tastes like dirt. So there's that. 

And last but not least, we talked about TV shows. JC said he wanted to thank a TV show for him being here today. Of course it was because he learned some "lifesaving advice" from a TV show. A rather serious topic, but old jokester Mercedes is so witty, she beat him to the punchline. Mercedes asked him if it was "The Love Boat" that was the reason for him being here today. Ha Ha! Then Mercedes revealed something a little scary about herself. She started out by saying something along the lines of how cool it is to learn something from a show, as long as you use it for good... she then said she feels like she knows how to be a murderer because of all the things she's learned from Dexter... Make sure you stay on her good side! 

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