Worth the Hype, Bad Uncle and The IGNITOR

January 8, 2019

Today on the show we talked about things that are worth ALL the hype, why JC thinks he's a bad uncle and caught up with Cameron Hughes-- The Ignitor! 

Mercedes is very generous about sharing when she comes accross something good. Whether it's a bra, a doctor or a "gravity blanket" Mercedes isn't stingy. Her latest discovery was a gravity blanket. It's a weighted blanket that you can get in various sizes that helps relieve stresss and helps you calm down. Kinda feels like a hug. She swears by it! When we asked listeners about things they also believe are the hype, one listener shared her review on something called an earthing mat. It's said to help "ground you" to the earth and helps with deeper sleep. Mercedes says if she tried both at the same time she'd NEVER leave the house. She'd just sleep in heavenly peace... like Christmas. 

JC brought up a few times during the show that he feels like a bad uncle. He now has 3 nieces and one nephew, all back home in Philly. He feels like a bad uncle because he hasn't sent over Christmas presents yet. JC has expressed that he wants to be the COOL uncle to the kids. He feels like he's going to be the uncle that they don't really know or doesn't come around (obviously because of the distance) but he'll be around when they're teens and he'll tell him all his stories from his Utopia days. (JC relives his glory days as a 20-something year old that went to clubs like Utopia and Baby's regularly.) I can picture JC as a Fonzy of some sort... But by the time the kids are old enough, Fonzy will be long gone as a reference for a cool uncle. Besides JC looked more like a member of NSYNC. 

And last but not least Cameron Hughes came by the show! If you've never been to a Golden Knights game, Cameron is known as the IGNITOR! He dances and gets the crowd pumped and he throws out a whole bunch of T-Shirts. We really got the chance to get to know him and how he got such an awesome job. He's been a crowd ignitor for 25 years TODAY! He was so sweet and very inspiring. He also dropped a little nugget on us. He's going to have a BOOK coming out! He had this presence about him that instantly made you happy. Mercedes felt like we needed to share his energy, so we took him back to the sales pit with a boombox and some T-Shirts and let him do what he does best-- IGNITE! He even got our boss J Love and our General Manager Dan to join in on the fun. They had no idea that was going to happen so if none of us are back tomorrow it's because we got fired... All jokes aside, everyone was really excited to see him in action. Watch the whole video on our Facebook! 

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