Producer's Notes 9/12/18

September 12, 2018

Today on the show we heard about surviving natural disasters, a behind the scenes surprise from Producer Jen and heard part 3 of Morning Show Karaoke. 

We've all seen the news of the hurricane making its way to the Carolinas. So Mercedes and JC wanted to know if anyone has been in a natural disaster before. Mercedes is originally from Colorado, part of "Tornado Alley" and JC is from Pennsylvania which is prone to hurricanes. Mercedes shared a story about her mom and siblings making their way to McDonalds for a nice quick dinner when they heard Tornado sirens for the first time. They grabbed their McDonalds and sped home to hide in the basement. Scary! JC said as a kid he remembers having to flee to his grandparent's house when a hurricane hit Pennsylvania. They both laughed as they remembered a small earthquake hitting Las Vegas in the late 90s. It was enough for Mercedes to notice something was happening but she wasn't certain it was an earth quake. JC then said he remembers being on the toilet after a long night of drinking at Texas Station and the whole bathroom was moving. Ha ha! What a place to be stuck during an earth quake. Things probably got messy. (Ew)

Behind the scenes, Producer Jen brought in some treats! Earlier in the week we talked about "old people candy" and JC said his papy loved Mary Janes. Mercedes said she's never heard of them, Jocelyn had never heard of them, but Producer Jen HAS and she LOVES them. She brought some in for them to try. (It's a bit hard at first, chewy, and tastes like a cross between peanut brittle and Bit-O-Honey.) The little girl/doll on the wrapper is a bit old-timey! Haha

And last but not least, we got to hear JC sing his song for Morning Show Karaoke. He chose "Natural" by Imagine Dragons from the cauldron of doom. He definitely tried! You could hear the effort and passion in his voice. You can listen for yourself to be the judge. And don't forget... tomorrow is the last performance from MERCEDES! Once she finishes, voting will open and you can vote for who did the WORST! Whoever gets the most votes (for doing the worst) will perform on stage at Bite of Las Vegas this Saturday!