Producer's Notes 9/13/18

September 13, 2018

Today on the show Mercedes taught us what a "Tabata" is, heard about a long lost connection JC made, and heard Mercedes close out Morning Show Karaoke. 

Earlier this Morning, Mercedes mentioned something about doing tabatas, but we didn't have time to get to it right away. The thought sort of lingered throughout the morning as she brought up listening to "the song" behind the scenes and she finally got to it. Basically it's a fast paced work out (8 rounds of 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest.) Excited to share, she got JC to practice on air. He chose to do squats but Mercedes had to make it clear-- NO JC SQUATS! (He only goes halfway down.) After 1 round he just couldn't do it anymore. We always learn something from the show-- Mercedes serves news and work outs. 

For Radio Truth or Dare, JC and Mercedes both got Truths. Mercedes says the biggest thing she regrets when it comes to her career is not learning to stand up/speak up for herself earlier. And JC shared an interesting story of the latest person he's stalked on social media. In his younger days, prior to moving to Las Vegas, he worked at a hotel on the outskirts of Philly. He made friends with the first guy to ever hire him. (He says he walked in with a college sweatshirt and jeans just applying to gas stations and such to make some quick cash.) Years down the line he looks him up and the guy LIVES IN LAS VEGAS! Super small world. Mercedes says he should reach out and thank him for giving him the job (even though he completely went down a different road in life and ended up being a co-host on a morning show!) Speaking of different roads, Mercedes shared a sweet story of how Mrs. Martinez had tapes of Mercedes pretending to be on the radio as a child. She even gave away prizes and made her sister Monica pretend to be the caller! It's interesting how life works out sometimes. That's before she even knew she wanted to be on the radio.

And last but not least, Morning Show Karaoke's final performance. Mercedes drew a really NEW song out of the cauldron of doom-- "The Way I Am" by Charlie Puth. She WASN'T BAD! It was a bit fast paced... but she could handle it (much like the Tabata work outs.) Looks like it's between Fernandez and Luna. Don't forget to vote!!! Whoever was the worst will get your vote and whoever gets the most votes performs on stage! 

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