That Time Mix 94.1's Mercedes Stole A Piece of Jewel’s Wardrobe

Jewel Headlines Bite of Las Vegas 2018

September 12, 2018

Most front row fans would be lucky to get a guitar pick after seeing their favorite artist perform in concert.

Mix 94.1’s Mercedes Martinez did one better; she got a piece of one star’s wardrobe.

Martinez confessed to copping a hairpin from “You Were Meant for Me” artist and Bite of Las Vegas 2018 headliner Jewel during the latter’s guest appearance on “Mercedes in the Morning.”

“I didn’t steal it, I promise, you left it on our stage,” she said. “It was a cute little bobby pin with a little blue jewel on it.

“I still have it to this day. That was at Pet-a-Palooza, years ago.”

Showing that she’s a good sport and there are no hard feelings, Jewel laughed off the confession, adding, “I hope you have enjoyed it in good health, and please keep it.”

“What if it was like a family heirloom that her great grandmother passed down and she had been searching for it for years,” chided Martinez’s co-host J.C. Fernandez.

Martinez joked that the bobby pin could be considered the “inaugural” piece of Jewel’s acclaimed Songlines by Jewel collection of handcrafted jewelry. She also promised to bring the piece to Bite of Las Vegas, possibly for Jewel to autograph?

Jewel, who resides in Nashville but spends much of her time in Las Vegas, is headlining the annual food and music festival on September 15 at Desert Breeze Park, alongside fellow artists Hoobastank, A Great Big World, MAX, and more.

Tickets to the 2018 Bite of Las Vegas Food and Music Festival start at $20 and can be purchased via the Mix 94.1 website.