What’s Trending: Monday, May 13th, 2019

Game of Thrones, Doctors, This Is Us, Jonas Brothers

May 13, 2019

 What’s Trending: Monday, May 13th, 2019



§     Last night was the second to last episode of the show called “The Bells.”

§     Like most of the episodes this season, most fans were left shocked and took to social media over the episode.

§     Without giving any spoilers, much of the talk was over the lazy writing and the fact that some character’s development arcs were completely destroyed after just one episode.

§     Next Sunday is the series finale.



§     Study: Doctors give better care in the morning.

§     Doctors are more likely to order cancer screenings for patients seen early in the day versus late afternoon.

§     Researchers speculate that as the day goes on, doctors often fall behind schedule and may run out of time for cancer screening discussions.

§     It’s also possible “decision fatigue” is a factor, as they may have spent much of the day talking to patients about screenings, often hearing “no,” so they don’t bother to bring them up later in the day.



§     The show has been renewed through season 6!

§     Each upcoming season will be 18 episodes.

§     The 6th season could be the show’s last but NBC is not confirming.

§     The show returns to Tuesdays at 9pm this fall.



§     They returned to Saturday Night Live 10 years later with a surprise throwback hit.

§     They sang their new songs “Sucker and “Cool,” and also included the throwback hit, “Burnin’ Up.”

§     They also appeared in a skit called “Judge Court.”

§     Their tour sold out when tickets went on sale Friday.

§     They added some new dates but sadly, no new dates in Las Vegas.

§     They’ll be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on October 18th.