What’s Trending: Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Michael Bolton, Deal Breaker, Emojis, Justin Bieber

February 6, 2019

What’s Trending: Thursday, February 7th, 2019



§     The singer denies taking a nap during a live interview.

§     The singer appeared on a morning show in Australia via satellite on Monday morning and when the hosts introduced him, he didn’t say anything and appeared to close his eyes on camera.

§     Both hosts attempted to get his attention and eventually he muttered, “It’s gone silent.”

§     They eventually got him on, but he went to IG to deny taking an on-air nap.

§     He said that there were technical issues and they caught him tweeting.



§     Survey: Credit card debt is a dating deal breaker.

§     70% of women and 61% of men said they would hesitate to date someone who overspent.

§     The survey also found that 45% of daters said they would not consider someone romantically if they carried credit card payments that are 15% more than their monthly income.

§     Have you ever dumped someone over debt?



§     New emojis will hit phones in April.

§     They continue to become more inclusive to represent different people in society.

§     Some new additions include bionic limbs, service animals, a waffle and a bandage.

§     More than 200 new emojis have been approved for this year.

§     And sit down because a new SLOTH emoji is coming!



§     His underwear is going on display in his hometown museum.

§     Apparently, they were only worn once.

§     It’s called Justin Bieber: Steps to stardom 2.0 and it’s set to debut in a few days.

§     It will feature a number of items from sports jerseys to movie memorabilia to, yes, his underwear.

§     The Museum says the goal was to give people who’ve already visited the exhibit since it first debuted a reason to come back.