What’s Trending: Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Justin Timberlake, St. Louis Bagels, Vitamin C, Dairy Queen

March 28, 2019

What’s Trending: Thursday, March 28th, 2019



§     He’s jumping into the game show world!

§     He is the executive producer of a new game show called “Spin the Wheel” which debuts this summer on Fox.

§     The show is hosted by Dax Shepard and it gives contestants the chance to win huge cash prizes of up to $20 million.

§     It’s described as “a suspenseful, high-energy mix of pop culture trivia, strategy and simple whirling luck.”

§     No word on whether or not Justin will be appearing on the show at any point.

§     It debuts on Thursday, June 20th.



§     The new internet scandal is about bagels.

§     A man tweeted out a photo of some bagels that were sliced vertically like a loaf of bread, calling it a “St. Louis secret.”

§     He claims it makes bagels easier to toast and share but most of Twitter hated the technique.

§     New Yorkers were especially upset.



§     Study: Taking Vitamin C can reduce the number of days sick patients have to stay in the hospital.

§     Research shows it can cut patients’ time in the intensive care unit by nearly nine percent.

§     It’s has also been shown to lower blood pressure and glucose levels in type 2 diabetics.

§     You can lose Vitamin C from your body through burns, infections, surgery and other serious traumas.



§     OMG…your dreamsicles have come true!

§     Dairy Queen has been spotted selling new Dreamsicle Dipped Cones at participating locations.

§     The cone starts with a classic vanilla soft serve dipped in a sherbet-like orange-flavored ice coating.

§     The cone is proving to be so popular that some DQ locations have started to dip Dilly Bars in the Dreamsicle coating.

§     If they don’t have them at your DQ location there’s a good chance they will launch on Monday, April 1, as part of the chain’s larger new 2019 spring menu release.