What’s Trending: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

Keanu Reeves, Weight Gain, Fun States, Salad Frosting

June 11, 2019

What’s Trending: Tuesday, June 11th, 2019



§     People have noticed something very specific about how he takes photos with fans.

§     He does a method known as “hover hands” when he takes pictures with fans, which is very likely a way of showing he’s committed to the photo-op but is still maintaining a safe distance so as not to be intruding on someone’s personal space.

§     Many are calling out this respectful move, saying that he obviously knows boundaries and parameters but respecting their personal space.



§     Study: For women, sleeping with the lights on and weight gain are linked.

§     Instead of just focusing on cutting calories, women should focus on cutting the lights.

§     Specifically, sleeping with a television or light on in the room is positively associated with gaining about 11 pounds over a five-year period.

§     There is also a higher risk of being overweight or obese, compared with being exposed to no artificial light during sleep.

§     Doctors recommend people remove TVs and other technology out of the bedroom environment to facilitate healthy sleep.



§     WalletHub released their report on the Most Fun States in America and it looks like we rank pretty high!

§     Nevada was the 6th most fun state, ranking high for casinos, variety of arts, entertainment and recreation establishments and for performing-arts theaters.

§     The most fun state was California, followed by Florida, New York, Washington and Colorado.

§     The least fun state was West Virginia, followed by Mississippi and Delaware.



§     Kraft is trying to help parents get kids to eat more veggies with their new “salad frosting.”

§     Surprise! It’s just ranch dressing in a squeezable bag!

§     Kraft says, “Innocent lies parents tell their kids help alleviate the pressures of everyday parenting, and if it gets kids to eat their greens, so be it.”

§     The pre-packaged tubes of ranch disguised in a frosting tube are limited-edition, so your little white lie will only be available for a short time.