What’s Trending: "USWNT Sips Tea"

What's Trending on July 3rd, 2019: USWNT, Paternity Leave, Breaking Bad, Delta Airlines

July 3, 2019

What’s Trending: Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019



§     The US Women’s National Soccer team beat England in the Women’s World Cup semifinal yesterday with a 2-1 victory.

§     Alex Morgan celebrated her 30th birthday by scoring a decisive goal and goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher stopped a late penalty kick to take the win.

§     Morgan pretended to sip a spot of tea to celebrate her goal.

§     The win sends them to the championship match on Sunday between the Netherlands and Sweden at 8am.



§     Study: Dads want more paternity leave than they’re getting.

§     Dads were reported to be allowed, on overage, seven weeks of paternal leave, but 10 weeks was what those dads felt they really needed to take.

§     When it comes to paid paternal leave, the United states ranks last when compared to other developed countries.



§     Fans of the show are freaking out over a photo that Aaron Paul shared of himself and Bryan Cranston.

§     In the picture, the two men are holding their shoes as they walk barefoot through a creek.

§     Paul captioned the photo, “Even sooner.”

§     Many people are speculating that Paul’s vague caption has to do with the projects’ release date possibly being sooner than anticipated.

§     Last week he posted a picture of two donkeys with the caption “Soon” and Bryan Cranston posted the exact same picture at the same time.



§     They have announced free cocktails are coming to some economy cabins.

§     You get to live like you’re first class in coach!

§     The airline announced that they are hoping their new services gives passengers a “wow” moment.

§     It plans to implement this for main cabin passengers on international flights starting in November, with free cocktails, Bistro-style dining and more.