What’s Trending: Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Wendy Williams, Lies, Jussie Smollett, Dunkin

March 26, 2019

What’s Trending: Wednesday, March 27th, 2019



§     Her recovery has been setback.

§     A week after revealing that she had been staying in a sober living house, the talk show host has reportedly been hospitalized.

§     According to The Daily Mail, she was found drunk after checking herself out of the sober living house Monday and was taken to the hospital to sober up.

§     They report that at the hospital, she was gieen IV fluids used as a treatment in patients with chronic alcohol use.



§     Study: Online daters aren’t completely accurate in their self-descriptions.

§     Men tend to lie more about their height and women lied more about their weight, with participants farther from the mean lying more.

§     Overall, participants reported being the least accurate about their photos and the most accurate about their relationship information.

§     The researchers concluded that deception in online profiles is very common, however the lies are usually subtle and small in scale.



§     Chicago city officials are blasting prosecutors for dropping all charges against the actor.

§     Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson says justice was not served.

§     Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel called it a “whitewash” and said the Empire actor used hate crime laws to advance his career.

§     He was being prosecuted for allegedly lying to police about an alleged racial attack.

§     The FBI is still looking into a threatening letter sent to the Empire set shortly before the reported assault.



§     Now you can literally run on Dunkin’.

§     The donut chain is teaming up with athletic shoemaker Saucony to release an all new running show: the Saucony x Dunkin’ Kinvara 10.

§     The limited-edition shoe has the bold Dunkin’ graphic all over the show and also features strawberry-frosted donut medallions.

§     It’s available in select Boston area stores or you can enter for a chance to win a pair through the Saucony website.