What's Trending: "The Album We've All Been Waiting for!"

Taylor Swift, Adulting, Tom Brady, Sleepy

August 23, 2019

What’s Trending: Friday, August 23rd, 2019



§     Her new album “Lover” dropped today.

§     In a live YouTube stream yesterday, she revealed that the song “Cornelia Street” has a special place in her heart.

§     And she also revealed that the song “Soon You’ll Get Better” with the Dixie Chicks was the most difficult song for her to write on this new album, as it is about her mother’s previous battle with cancer.

§     She was on “Good Morning America” yesterday and she talked about her upcoming appearance on the MTV VMA’s on Monday.



§     Berkeley has added an “adulting” class.

§     They said they realized that the things we don’t learn in school are topics like taxes and how to take care of yourself.

§     The debut spring semester of the class had 100 applicants for just 30 seats.

§     Guest speakers for the class include a recruiter from Lyft who speaks about resume building, a psychology professor who  gives stress relief tips and an economics professor that advised student to save 50% of what they earn.



§     Poll: Brady is the player fans most want to tailgate with.

§     He got a whopping 43% of the vote.

§     Aaron Rodgers came in second with 19% and Rob Gronkowski came in third.

§     According to fans, he is still someone fans feel like they can relate to.



§     An estimated 10% of Americans suffer from insomnia and people that suffer from it are claiming they’ve found the cure.

§     It’s a lotion made by Lush called Sleepy body lotion and they are saying it’s magic.

§     The lotion contains lavender which has long served as an herbal remedy to relax and soothe.

§     A 2017 study showed that inhaling lavender essential oil for 15 days increased sleep quality and reduced anxiety levels so it makes sense why people are loving this stuff.