What's Trending on Friday, May 11th, 2018

May 11, 2018

What’s Trending on Friday, May 11th, 2018



§     Let’s go to Canada!

§     The Golden Knights’ conference final is set, and we are going to face the Winnipeg Jets on Saturday.

§     The Jets beat the Predators last night in Game 7 to advance to the third round of the playoffs, 5-1.

§     Vegas won the regular-season series with the Jets 2 games to 1.

§     So, Game 1 is on Saturday night at 7pm (ET) on NBC and game 2 is Monday at 8pm(ET) on NBCSN, both in Winnipeg.

§     The series comes home next Wednesday at 9pm and Friday at 8pm.



§     Golden Knights fans were thrilled to see her throw her support behind the Golden Knights when her husband’s team, the Nashville Predators, lost.

§     She tweeted, “…until next season, I am officially a Golden Knights fan! I’ll enjoy seeing them make a little history!!”

§     She also tweeted, “And one last thing…if the Golden Knights need an anthem singer, I’m 2-0 in the playoffs…just saying…”



§     Study: We never stop touching our phones…even when they’re off.

§     30% of men and 37% of women walk down the street alone with a smartphone in their hands.

§     So why do we do it? Researchers think that it’s because we simply need immediate access to our phones now—not just because of the notifications but because so much of our social lives exist on the phone.

§     Other reasons could be that we’re psychologically dependent on them and we get anxiety when we’re separated from them or just to have for personal safety.



§     An Army private who lost an ear in a car accident has a new one that was made from her own rib cartilage.

§     They actually crafted the ear out of her cartilage and placed it under the skin of her forearm, so it could “grow” and develop blood vessels.

§     What’s more, she can actually hear from it.

§     You have to see the pictures on our Facebook page.