What's Trending: "Golden Knights lose to Bruins-- BOO!"

Vegas Born, Work Importance, Gwen Stefani, Halloween

October 8, 2019

What’s Trending: Wednesday, October 9th, 2019



§     The Golden Knights were at it again last night at the T-Mobile Arena.

§     They faced the Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins last night.

§     They lost to the Bruins, 4-3.

§     Mark Stone, Reilly Smith and Max Pacioretty scored for the Golden Nights.

§     Their next game is in Arizona against the Coyotes on Thursday at 7pm.



§     Study: Men exaggerate their importance at work, while women do the exact opposite.

§     Women on overage reported their performance as being 15 points lower on the 100-point scale than the average man.

§     Researchers think that women believe that confidence and self-promotion is an inappropriate way to behave or that they are afraid of the possibility of backlash over being boastful about one’s abilities.

§     At the same time, they also pointed to research that showed that men are inclined to inflate their performance estimates.



§     She will receive the fashion icon award at the People’s Choice Awards.

§     She is the second to receive the award in its history after Victoria Beckham took home the prize in 2018.

§     It was just announced that she will leave “The Voice” next season and Nick Jonas will take her place as a judge.

§     The People’s Choice Awards airs on Sunday, November 10th on E!



§     People are searching for the perfect costume for the haunting holiday.

§     According to Google, the most searched for costume ideas for 2019 indicates that it will be a big year for Pennywise.

§     The clown from the movie, “It” is #1 this year.

§     Other big searches include the classic witch costume, Spider-Man, a dinosaur, and characters from the Descendants.