What's Trending: "Hurricane Dorian Watch"

Hurricane Dorian, One and Done, Kevin Hart, Big Toe Shoe

September 2, 2019

What’s Trending: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019



§     The Category 4 storm has unleashed massive flooding across the Bahama, killing at least five.

§     The National Hurricane Center has extended watches from Florida through the Carolinas.

§     They expect Dorian to stay off-shore but they caution that “only a small deviation” could draw the storm’s dangerous core toward land.

§     There was a mandatory evacuation of nine counties in Florida, along with the South Carolina and Georgia coasts.

§     Operations at several airports in the southeast have been suspended so if travel is in your future, please check ahead.



§     New stats say that more American families are choosing to only have one child.

§     They’re calling this “the rise of one and done.”

§     And there’s no data that says only children grow up to be selfish…the data actually suggests that only-children have a higher probability of being more creative and all-around more agreeable.



§     The actor was injured in a car crash after his vintage Plymouth Barracuda veered off the road this weekend.

§     He is recovering after surgery, which dealt with what was being reported as major back injuries.

§     He was a passenger in his car when his friend lost control and crashed through wooden fencing.

§     A third occupant in the back was unharmed.

§     Authorities say the driver was not under the influence of alcohol.

§     Kevin Hart’s wife told TMZ that he’s doing great and that he was going to be just fine.



§     They’re the new ugly trend that is selling out.

§     It’s a woman’s heeled shoe that exposes the big toe while they others are covered.

§     They debuted on the Paris catwalk for the spring/summer 2018 collection but they really turned heads this year and are starting to catch on.

§     The shows are selling for upwards of $1000 and they are selling out.