What's Trending: "Las Vegas Aces Fight to the End"

Las Vegas Aces, Salary, This Is Us, Popeyes

September 24, 2019

 What’s Trending: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019



§     Our Lady Aces ended their season last night, losing to the Washington Mystics, 94-90, ending their 2019 season.

§     They entered Game 4 of the WNBA best-of-5 series semifinal with a 1-2 record so it was a must win.

§     Liz Cambage had 25 points and 12 rebounds to lead as Vegas.



§     Survey: More millennials have higher salaries than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers.

§     The median salary across all ages, races and both genders is $47K a year.

§     Just 9% of Americans are earning $100,000 or more a year.

§     As the income brackets go higher, 4% of millennials said they earned $250,000, compared to 3% of Gen Xers and 1% of boomers.



§     Last night was the season premiere of the series 4th season.

§     No spoilers but there are several new faces in this season of the show.

§     The show producers say that all of the people are going to have massive impacts on the main family’s lives.

§     Did you watch? What did you think?



§     First their chicken sandwich, now this.

§     The fast food chain has been spotted selling a Spiced Pumpkin ‘N Cream Cheese Pie at select locations.

§     It was originally introduced in 2014 as a limited-time season dessert option.

§     It features a cinnamon-and-sugar dusted turnover-style pie crust with a spiced pumpkin and cream cheese filling.

§     Let us know if you spot it locally…they closest it’s been seen so far is in Arizona.