What's Trending: "New Single From Charlie's Angels Reboot"

Don't Call Me Angel, Tipping, Popeyes, Twinkies

September 12, 2019

What’s Trending: Friday, September 13th, 2019



§     The new single off the Charlie’s Angels reboot is finally out.

§     Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus collaborated for the song which was released at midnight.

§     The video was also released which features the three ladies dressed as, you guessed it, angels.

§     The film reboot introduces us to a new spy trio played by Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska.

§     It hits theaters on November 15th.



§     Survey: Women and Baby Boomers are the best tippers.

§     80% of women always tip at a sit-down restaurant, compared with 74% of men.

§     The worst tippers are millennials and men but when they do decide to tip, they leave more money than everyone else…they’re known as the “boom or bust tippers.”

§     A millennial’s average tip is 22% compared with 17% for Baby Boomers.



§     They know everyone is still upset about the chicken sandwich shortage.

§     They’ve come up with a quick fix to satisfy the masses.

§     They’re encouraging guests to BYOB: Bring Your Own Bun.

§     They’re allowing guests to bring in their own buns and order their three-piece tenders so that they can make their own chicken sandwiches right there on the spot.

§     Popeyes says their sandwiches will be back in restaurants very soon.



§     Is Hostess getting experimental with their Twinkie flavors?

§     This week they tweeted a picture of a box of Twinkies filled with peanut butter and pickle cream.

§     The green and beige box generated a lot of talk and mostly negative feedback.

§     Hostess said that the tweet was a joke.

§     Last month it tweeted about the launch of Mustard-filled Twinkies but that tweet included the hashtags #FakeProduct and #NotReal.