What's Trending: "Oprah's Health Scare"

Oprah, Happiness, Nelson Agholor, Lenny Kravitz

September 23, 2019

 What’s Trending: Tuesday, September 24th, 2019



§     She was on Ellen yesterday and she opened up about her recent health scare.

§     She was diagnosed with pneumonia and antibiotics didn’t work.

§     That’s when they realized it was worse than they thought.

§     She had to quit everything and rest and luckily within a week, she was better.

§     She says it changed the way she looks at wellness and encourages everyone to get a flu shot.



§     Survey: Average adult rates their happiness level at just 6.3 out of 10.

§     A quarter of people say they are just too busy to enjoy their lives.

§     Free time is directly connected to happiness, as respondents over the age of 55 and retired report higher happiness scores (6.9 out of 10).

§     Young adults (aged 25-34) have the lowest rating of all (5.9 out of 10).



§     The Philadelphia Eagles WR is trending after he responds to a salty fan.

§     Local hero Hakim Laws took a shot at Agholor as he described to reporters how he and others caught babies being thrown out of a burning apartment building.

§     No one was killed in the fire and three people were taken to the hospital.

§     The dig came after Agholor had a fumble and dropped two key passes in the Eagles’ 27-24 loss to the Lions.

§     He saw the video and responded by tweeting, “Thank you for being a hero in the community would like to invite you and your family to the next home game.”



§     The rock star has lost his sunglasses and needs help finding them.

§     He posted a tweet yesterday that said, “I’m missing this pair of sunglasses after my show in LA at the Shrine this weekend. They are incredibly sentimental to me, they are vintage and they belonged to a family member. Hoping to get them back, no questions asked.”

§     He even included an email address that you can send tips to…kravitzglasses@gmail.com.