What's Trending: "Remembering 9/11"

September 11, Weddings, Apple Event, Brussel Sprout Gin

September 10, 2019

What’s Trending: Wednesday, September 11th, 2019



  • It has been 18 years since the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil.
  • Americans are commemorating the day with mournful ceremonies, volunteering, appeals to “never forget” and rising attention to the terror attacks’ extended toll on responders.
  • Locally there are several events including:
    • At 6:50am, the approximate time of the South Tower collapse at the World Trade Center, a bell will be rung in from of Las Vegas Fire Station Five, where Frank Pizarro, a retired NYC firefighter who was there when it collapses, will sing the National Anthem.
    • The annual 9/11 march into downtown will begin at 7pm at Main Street. The march will stop at 10 minutes at 1st street where there will be a moment of silence and then a 9/11 memorial show at the Fremont Street Experience.


  • Survey: Nearly half of couples want “Instaworthy” weddings.
  • They say that they are feeling the pressure to ensure their special occasion is social media-ready.
  • A quarter of engaged couples will go up to 30% over their budget in order to ensure their wedding will look good on Instagram.
  • This is cited as one of the key reasons the financial set-back of marriage has gone up in recent years.


  • Yesterday Apple unveiled two high-end iPhones, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, as well as a cheaper iPhone 11.
  • The phones have improved battery life, an upgraded camera system and new hardware and start at $699.
  • The new phones will be available for pre-order on Friday and go on sale in stores on September 20th.
  • They also unveiled a new seventh generation iPad at the event along with the Apple Watch Series 5, which starts at $399 or $499 with cellular.


  • Despite the fact that they’re pretty tasty, Brussels sprouts always have a reputation for being gross.
  • But one distillery isn’t believing the hype and actually created a Brussels sprout-flavored gin.
  • Pickering’s Gin in Scotland sells six-packs of flavored gin in Christmas ornaments that come with about a shot of booze inside and now along with flavors like cranberry and spiced pair and cinnamon, they’ve got a Brussels sprouts one.
  • And believe it or not, their first batch is almost sold out.