What's Trending: "Whitney Houston Hologram Going on Tour"

Whitney Houston, Remote Workers, Plenty of Fish, Marriage in 4 Words

September 18, 2019

What’s Trending: Thursday, September 19th, 2019



§     The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour will begin in January 2020!

§     The tour will feature a digitized version of the late diva singing all of her big hits.

§     The show will be called, “An Evening with Whitney,” and of January 23rd in Mexica, then stretch through April across 14 different European countries including the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Russia.

§     Dates for North America in the fall of 2020 have not yet been announced.

§     The tour has full support from Houston’s sister-in-law and estate executor, Pat Houston, who says the show is an “authentic Whitney experience.”



§     Study: Remote workers are happier, stay in jobs longer, work more hours than on-site employees.

§     The reason why people enjoy working remotely is because they have a better work-life balance, they can focus better, there’s less stress and they don’t have a commute.

§     Not surprisingly, remote workers are more loyal to companies that offer them increased flexibility.



§     The dating platform just banned filtered photos from the app.

§     The company decided to make the change after they took a survey of 2000 US singles and 84% said they want more authenticity in dating--starting with how folks look.

§     It’s a big move and it will require the company to audit over 70 million images on the platform.

§     They hope that by making sure images are as true to life as possible, that daters who use the app will find more meaningful bonds.



§     People are taking to Twitter to describe married life in just 4 words.

§     Some of the advice/realizations include:

·     Happy wife, happy life

·     Hard, but worth it.

·     Deciding what to eat

·     Keep dating each other

·     Leading cause of divorce