What's Trending 10/16/20: Hota Kotb Receives Shocking Letter About Her Kids, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Is For Sale

Also Trending: Grocery Hoarding, Unflattering Dog Photo Challenge

October 16, 2020
Hota Kotb
  • #HodaKotb
    • The “Today Show” Host is talking about a shocking letter about her kids that was sent to her home.
    • On a recent podcast interview, she opened up about receiving a letter that criticized her decision to become a parent later in life.
    • She says she got it three or four weeks ago and it was a from a woman who started off with “How dare you! I can’t believe that you thought it was a good idea to become a mother in your early 50’s!”
    • Hoda said from there she just went off.
    • She has since shredded the letter but says she remembered noticing that the writer took the time to sit down and handwrite the note.
    • She gave her credit and said she included her name and address on the return envelope.
    • Hoda said it’s been hard for her to shake it off but she wants to remind people that “we’re human and it hurts.”
  • #Rudolph
    • The Santa and Rudolph dolls that were used to animate Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are going to auction.
    • The 6-inch-tall Rudolph and 11-inch-tall Santa from the 1964 classic TV special are being sold together in an auction on November 13th.
    • They’re expected to fetch between $150,000 and $250.000.
    • The collector that owns the dolls originally though he would never sell them but when he recently turned 65, he thought it was important to leave some money for his children and grandchildren.
    • The auctioneers said in a statement that the “rarity of these puppets cannot be overstated.”
  • #GroceryHoarding
    • Based on recent infection numbers, the country is bracing for another wave of the pandemic that could disrupt the supply chain and cause popular items to fly off the shelves.
    • 52% of Americans said in a recent poll that they already have or are planning on stockpiling food and other essentials.
    • The other 48% have the opposite stance and say they will make no changes to their shopping habits.
    • This time around, grocery chains and food producers are better aware of the demand they can expect and are preparing.
    • Some of the items they’re stockpiling in advance are toilet paper, cleaning and sanitizing products and baking supplies.
    • Other items include holiday staples like turkeys, hams, cranberry sauce, herbal tea and cold remedies.
  • #UnflatteringDogPhotoChallenge
    • It’s the challenge we all need right now!
    • The new social media movement has dog owners posting photos of their four-legged friends with awkward, silly and funny facial expressions.
    • Time to look at those outtakes that you have in your phone’s library!
    • And if you are a cat owner, there’s one for you too…the #unflatteringcatphotochallenge features tons of kitties making hilarious faces and poses.