What's Trending 6/29/20: Margot Robbie To Star In Female-Led "Pirates Of The Caribbean" Movie, New England's New QB

Also Trending: Gym, Fireworks

June 29, 2020
Margot Robbie
  • #PiratesOfTheCaribbean
    • The Hollywood Reporter says Margot Robbie will be starring in a female-led Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
    • Christina Hodson, the screenwriter on Robbie’s Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey, is set to write the new female-fronted film.
    • The film will not be a formal spin-off of the Disney franchise, but instead will be a separate original story with new characters.
    • It’s in the early stages of development.
  • #Gym
    • Survey: 1 in 4 Americans will not return to the gym, even after the pandemic.
    • The survey asked Americans who exercise at least twice a week on their attitudes in the “corona age” and found 24% are over them.
    • However, four in 10 say they will be returning to the gym at the same rate or more once it opens back up.
    • 42% say they have a home gym set-up that they prefer over their membership gym.
    • And 83% of people agreed they’d feel much more comfortable in gyms if everybody was wearing a mask.
  • #CamNewton
    • He’s the new quarterback of the New England Patriots.
    • According to ESPN, he and New England settled on a “one-year, incentive-laden” contract.
    • The Carolina Panthers had released the quarterback after nine seasons after shoulder and foot injuries have limited him over the past year.
    • When healthy, he’s had at least 3000 passing yards and 300 rushing yards each season from 2011-2018, won NFL MVP in 2015 and led the Panthers to the Super Bowl.
  • #Fireworks
    • Sales are booming (pun intended) all across the country this year!
    • Experts say it could be for a number of reasons, including the coronavirus canceling many summer events and professional fireworks displays.
    • It could also be because people are just bored and tired of being cooped up.
    • Since Memorial Day, sales have been off the charts for retail fireworks outlets, which isn’t typical, as this past weekend is when sales would be ramping up.
    • Sales of “safe and sane” fireworks at temporary stands just went up this weekend.