What's Trending 7/2/20: Jay Cutler Finds His Chicken Killer, Beavis and Butthead Are Back

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July 2, 2020
Jay Cutler
  • #JayCutler
    • If you’ve been following the former QB, you know about his chicken saga.
    • If not, he had been dealing with an unknown killer that was ripping the heads off his beloved birds.
    • The drama had been mounting, with Jay setting traps and stakeouts while everyone was watching to find out who was killing the chickens.
    • He finally discovered the killer…a raccoon.
    • He said on IG yesterday, “All is well and happy to report it was a raccoon. Which fits the evidence. Chicken heads were ripped off and bodies were left in the chicken yard.”
  • #BeavisandButthead
    • They are returning to TV with Mike Judge reimagining the series for Comedy Central.
    • The series about two slacker couch potatoes debuted on MTV in 1993 became a pop culture phenomenon.
    • Mike Judge said, “It seemed like the time was right to get stupid again.”
    • Comedy Central has already ordered two seasons and the new series will have “meta-themes relatable to both new and old fans—Gen X parents and their Gen Z kids.”
  • #Dogs
    • Study: 1 in 3 people say they would choose to keep their pet over their partner if they were forced to choose.
    • 4 in 10 admitted to showing their pups more affection than they show their loved one.
    • Researchers said that for some couples, the four-legged friend can take the starring role in the relationship
    • Over 40% of dog owners who let their pup sleep in the bedroom with them admit it’s had a negative effect on their love life.
  • #Wendys
    • Add them to the list of fast food restaurants that are fighting for your dollars.
    • They’re giving out free breakfast sandwiches this week.
    • To get the deal, you’ll have to download the Wendy’s app.
    • Once you do that, click on the “Get Offers” tab and you’ll find the option to click on a free breakfast sandwich and you’ll just tap the “add to order” button.
    • The offer lasts until July 5th.