What's Trending: Harry and Meghan Are Done With UK Tabloids

Also Trending: Lockdown Searches, American Idol, Boo The Commish

April 21, 2020
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle
  • #HarryAndMeghan
    • The two have announced that they’ll have “zero engagement” with the UK tabloids.
    • They sent a letter to the editors of the Sun, Mirror, Daily Mail and Daily Express which outlines their new media relations policy.
    • They say that going forward that they will not answer any requests from their journalists except in situations that need involvement from their lawyers.
    • They won’t even answer calls from the papers asking them to confirm whether claims made about them are true.
    • The Guardian says it is “an unprecedented direct attack on a large part of the media that leaves little chance of repairing the relationship.”
    • They say that the new policy is in no way a “blanket policy for all media.”
  • #LockdownSearches
    • Online searches keep shifting as many are staying out home and having different needs as time goes on.
    • Google has revealed what some of the big searches are currently and “buzz cut” seems to have reached an all-time peak as people are forced to cut their hair themselves.
    • The game Animal Crossing is soaring in popularity with an almost 1000% spike.
    • Baking has increased dramatically also as searches for bread and banana bread recipes have gone up, as well as items like flour, yeast and baking recipes.
    • Other big searches include hair tutorial, makeup tutorial, home workout and home birth.
  • #AmericanIdol
    • The show is set to return this Sunday with new episodes and it will be adapting to the quarantine.
    • The show will take place in the homes of the show’s contestants, musicians, judges, mentors and host.
    • Ryan Seacrest will host the show from his house and they will produce the show remotely from 45 different locations.
    • The performances will not be live but they will be “live to tape” to give them a chance to edit the show.
  • #BooTheCommish
    • The NFL Draft is this week and since it’s a virtual draft this year, many people thought NFL commissioner Roger Goodell would get a reprieve from his usual booing since there is no crowd.
    • Bud Light has stepped in and they are urging fans to record video of themselves booing, tag them and use the hashtag #BooTheCommish.
    • For each tweet, the brand will donate $1 to the NFL’s draft-a-thon up to $500,000.
    • They have also promised to deliver the boos to the draft itself!