What's Trending: Tom Hanks surprises SNL fans

Saturday Night Live, Online Learning, Quarantine Calculator, Izzlers

April 13, 2020
What's Trending
    • #SNL
      • The show returned after a lengthy break with an at-home, remotely produced episode with original content.
      • And to everyone’s surprise, Tom Hanks hosted with a twist: his monologue was filmed in his house.
      • He and his wife Rita Wilson were some of the first celebrities to go public with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis.
      • He assured viewers that he was doing better now.
      • He said, “Ever since being diagnosed, I have been more like America’s dad than ever before since no one wants to be around me very long and I make people uncomfortable.”
    • #OnlineCourses
      • Study: Taking STEM courses online is just as good as in-person classes.
      • As the recent pandemic has forced students to take to virtual online classrooms, researchers found that students learn just as much this way as they do in person.
      • They also say that online courses may be less satisfying than in-person classes but many more students can access them and they are much cheaper to facilitate.
    • #QuarantineCalculator
      • There’s a new online calculator that will show you how much money you have saved while being quarantined.
      • With so many people unemployed or stuck at home, it’s been pretty difficult to find a positive outlook.
      • The website HomeSnacks.net can track how much households are saving by changing their eating and travel habits.
      • It consists of five questions about eating and travel habits, along with how many people live in a household.
      • While it’s been hard for many to find the positives of being stuck at home, at least it could lead to better spending habits in the future.
    • #Izzlers
      • Hershey’s is offering a new untwisted take of their fan-favorite strawberry-flavored Twizzlers with the introduction of new Izzlers.
      • They’re the new “twistless” version of Twizzlers.
      • When asked why they made a smooth version of the iconic sweet treat, manufacturers said, “Maybe we wanted to do something unexpected, or maybe we had an issue on the production line. The world may never know, but what we do know, is that Izzlers candy is fun, delicious and only here for a very limited time.”