JC Fernandez Unboxes Special Hard Rock Hotel Memorabilia

Come and Celebrate 25 Years of Rock And Roll History

November 8, 2019

JC Fernandez from Mercedes in the Morning stopped by the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas to see the new Hard Rock Hotel Memorabilia Exhibition.

He met up with curator, Beau Dobney, to see some of the classic art pieces. There are 25 years of memories to share at the Hard Rock Hotel Memorabilia Exhibition. 

JC and Beau share a special unboxing of Johnny Cash's guitar. The guitar shown was used for LIVE shows during the late '70s. One can see this guitar on a LIVE album with Waylon Jennings.

See the beautiful inscription on the guitar from one of Johnny Cash's classic songs. 

The exhibition is free to the public.

To find out more about how you can see the exhibt, check out the Hard Rock Hotel website for details!