NV Energy: Every Day Is Earth Day

Kay Carl Elementary School becomes more energy efficient

May 9, 2019

Kay Carl Elementary School takes the next step to become energy efficient. Through PowerShift by NV Energy, the school was able to get LED light bulbs installed to make a difference in their classrooms and the enviroment. Replacing inefficient fluorescent tubes with LEDs will also help save a lot of money over time.

The principal at Kay Carl Elementary, Brenda Swann says, "We have solar panels that we have on our school that are very energy efficient and we recycle our whole school. Every item is recycled. So this was just a natural fit for the third thing that we could work on in our community to make a better environment."

Changing out of the lights enhances the learning of the students and the environment for the teachers to teach in. 

NV Energy has been partnering with CCSD since 2005. NV Energy is able to help out through their energy efficiency programs. 

At NV Energy, every day is earth day.