Seth Meyers Talks ‘Alone Time’ Romance, Why He Follows George Wallace on Twitter

May 7, 2019

Late night host and comedian Seth Meyers follows a lot of famous people on Twitter, but Las Vegas comedian George Wallace might just be one of his favorites.

“George is the one who’s genuinely the funniest on Twitter, even just seeing his avatar photo puts me in a good mood.” Meyers said during an appearance on Mix 94.1’s Mercedes in the Morning

Meyers, who performed May 4 at Encore Theater inside Wynn Las Vegas, didn’t realize the comedian was also calling into the show at the same time.

“You can definitely stay at my place,” Wallace told Meyers. “I’ll charge you the same they charge you at the Wynn.”

The Westgate Las Vegas headliner even offered to drop the much-maligned Las Vegas resort fee for his friend, adding, “Some of the hotels are so cheap, the resort fee is higher than the room rate.”

For Meyers, following Wallace and other celebrities helps make Twitter a better experience. He says that while Twitter is the social network where he spends most of his time, “If a crack head spent most of his time in a crack den, it wouldn’t be their favorite place.” 

The Truth About ‘Alone Time’

During the interview, hosts Mercedes Martinez and J.C. Fernandez took turns asking Meyers how he keeps the romance alive with wife Alexi Ashe as they get closer to their sixth wedding anniversary. 

“When was the last time you just made out with your wife?” Fernandez asked.

Meyers joked: “We have two small children so they’re really the ones that are grinding away anything that’s left of the romance in our life.”  

He then sang a familiar refrain for anyone with children, explaining that once you’re married with young kids, the thing you truly cherish is, “not that I’m alone with you, but just, ‘I’m alone.’”

“You put the kids to bed and the two of you just there and look at your phones because you haven’t had a second to yourself – that is the greatest gift you can give your spouse,” Meyers said.

Still, the comedian is known for his grand romantic gestures, like the time he arranged for Brad Paisley to perform for his wife at the couple’s wedding. 

It was better than taking the microphone and singing himself, Meyers insisted.

“I will make a promise to my [Vegas] audience that will not happen,” he says. “I’m trying to sell tickets here, not get them returned.”