Free4All: Is It A Unicorn If It's Not Erect?

"Unicorn Dog" Has A Tail Between His Eyes... Is That A Unicorn?

November 14, 2019

Today was not a great day. So, we do what we do best at #Free4All... we made you laugh.

Hitting the news today... an adorable puppy. But this puppy had a little something "extra"... a freaking tail between it's eyes. The "Unicorn Puppy" as it's been dubbed has a tail-like growth above his snout which is cute. But, unlike a tail, it doesn't wag. 

Shawn Tempesta was joined by Jocelyn Luna and Jessica Rose, the latter made a great point... if it's not erect, how is it not a unicorn? One of life's great questions.

Between that, co-parenting, Taylor Swift's latest drama and more... it's a hilarious episode!

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