Free4All: Jon Stewart Will "Never Forget"

"Daily Show" Star Lays Verbal Smackdown For 9/11 First Responders

June 11, 2019

Zach Gibson / Stringer / Getty Images


Today's #Free4All had plenty of fluff, from $0.99 Shrimp Cocktails returning to Vegas, to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga rumors and more.

But today, afternoon host Shawn Tempesta was joined by Alex Wong and Lukas Werle to watch former "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart take the House Judiciary Committee to task for dragging their heels on the "9/11 Victims Compensation Fund" funding that helps to pay for the countless first responders who have suffered major health complications due to the particulate they inhaled while searching and rescuing some of the several who went missing following the collapse of the Twin Towers. He also took the committee to task for many being absent for the session.

You'll see the conversation about Jon Stewart's speech in D.C. at 28:15 into today's show. Take a look, and be sure to call your Senators and Representatives (none of whom are on the Judiciary Committee) to make your voice heard on the matter.