Free4All: Shoppin' And Slappin'

As Often Happens With JJ... The Show Went Off The Rails

March 25, 2019

It seems whenever JJ Snyder comes onto the #Free4All with Shawn Tempesta, things get weird.

JJ came onto the show with a large box in tow... and she showed off some of her new outfits. All of a sudden, the room became a changing room, with callers weighing in on outfits and women's distinct ability to remove their bra without taking off their dress - a maneuver that astounds Shawn to this very moment.

Then, to make it weirder, former Mix 94.1 night show host Angie called in to officiate a trust building exercise between Shawn and JJ. Angie would ask a question to one person about the other. If they knew the answer, they get a point. If they don't get it right, the other person gets to slap them. This obviously made Shawn pretty uncomfortable, but JJ... well. Just watch the video.

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