Free4All: Venetian's Sick Stay Package

If You've Got $450,000 Burning A Hole In Your Pocket...

March 19, 2019

There are people that have some money. Then there are people that have A LOT of money! If you find yourself in the latter, then The Venetian has the perfect idea for you.

Their "Want The World" package will set you back a cool $450,000... and includes a boat load of decadent luxuriousness.

  • You'll get picked up in a private jet and flown to Vegas (if you live near St. Rose Parkway maybe they'll fly you from Henderson Executive...)
  • When you land, you'll get picked up by a Maybach (sick car)
  • You'll go into a Presidental Suite that comes in at 6,500 square feet.
  • You'll get a Private Butler.
  • The bar will be fully stocked.
  • You'll get your own monogrammed silk pajamas - no need to steal them! They are yours!
  • A massive bottle of Champagne adorned with crystals.

All that is great! Fantastic! But... it's just the beginning.

You'll get a cake (hooray)... topped with a beautiful ruby and diamond necklace and ring set. You'll get a ton of food with gold sprinkled on it (because when you're rich, your poop should be valuable!). In-suite massage, a private dinner with Chef Lorena Garcia, a salsa dancing lesson and more.

Needless to say afternoon host Shawn Tempesta and midday host Heather Collins are all about the finer things in life, and today on #Free4All, Heather gave the pitch as to why The Venetian should hire her as an influencer to show it all off.

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