Lori Loughlin On Relaxed Parenting Style

"Aunt Becky" Should Have Been More Strict About Schoolwork, Maybe?

March 13, 2019

USA Today

It's still a little weird referring to Aunt Becky from "Full House" and Lynette from "Desperate Housewives" as potential criminals. But with this information it's time for super sleuths to get to finding any incriminating interviews that may have tipped us off.

Lori Loughlin had an interview in 2017 where she admits she doesn't push her kids to get straight A's in school - to instead "do the best you can". Considering she allegedly had to illegally grease palms to get her daughters in to USC, maybe hitting the books wouldn't have been such a bad idea.

Lori was arrested and released today on $1,000,000 bond... her daughter Olivia (who didn't care much for college anyways) is possibly up for explusion from USC.

Let's remember the good times. Because real life is not TGIF, and there probably won't be a sappy ending where everyone learns a great life lesson.