Marc Rebillet: Musician At Intersection Of Talent And Insanity

Is He A Comedian? Is He A Musician? Both?

October 19, 2018

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YouTube is a crazy place. One click and you've disappeared into a rabbit hole where you have no idea how you got there, but you're glad you did.

Enter Marc Rebillet.

Like a scrawnier Reggie Watts, he's able to make a dope beat drop from mid-air, then match that beat up with some of the most absurd, inappropriate, and hilarious lyrics. Semi-NSFW? Yeah. Pretty funny? Yes. Incredibly talented? Yes.

The build up to his masterpieces shows him spending a solid minute building a beat, instrument by instrument... and right when you go "wow, that's a great beat"... he hits you with it. (NSFW rating 2 out of 10 for language)

See? Utter insanity. I've tried to learn more about this guy. I found this random site that shows he's an approximately 29 year old guy from Dallas... but today he's in Brooklyn, rockin' a sick 'stache and pumping out video after video - most of which I can't share on this page.

Will we ever play these beats on Mix? No. Never.

However - don't be shocked if he finds his way into the mainstream. At only 64,000 YouTube subscribers, he's a rapidly rising blip on the radar. A late night show may not be far behind.