Bite of Las Vegas 2019: The Rua on Gasoline, New Music and...Rosanna Rage?!

It's all good-hearted fun with the cheery trio before Bite of Las Vegas

September 16, 2019

Rosanna rage is real. At least, so say Rosanna's brother and sister Alanna and Jonathan Brown.

The brother-sister band from Windsor, England say they've actually gotten closer over the half-decade since forming their band The Rua. But while they all "get along pretty well," the trio told Shawn Tempesta at Bite of Las Vegas 2019 that three siblings together for long stretches on the road can lead to some wear and tear on the familial bonds.

"We still get on each other's nerves," Alanna said.

"Rosanna has issues," Jonathan playfully skewers his lead singer sister.

"We all have issues," Rosanna fires back. "Mine are just more vocal."

The singing/acting family (you've probably seen 'em in the Harry Potter movies) have been attracting even more attention lately off pop-fused new tracks like "Gasoline" from their latest self-titled album.

The three talk about where their new music might be taking them as well as -- gasp! -- a new band member!

Watch the complete interview with The Rua here -- and make sure to check out all the Bite of Las Vegas 2019 coverage.

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